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Request to Receive Diploma via US Mail Copy

This form is ONLY for CECFC students who graduated prior to July 31, 2020.   

I am requesting that my Colorado Early Colleges diploma be sent to me via US mail for a $5 postage & handling fee, which MUST be paid prior to mailing.  Fees can be paid by check or credit card:

  • Check (no fee) - payable to CECFC - Mail to 4424 Innovation Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525
  • Credit Card (3.75% fee) - call CECFC @ 970.377.0044 ext 128, Mon - Thurs. from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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I understand that any outstanding balance, including the $5 mailing fee, must be paid before my diploma will be mailed to me.*
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I understand that CECFC will process diploma mailings on the 15th of each month. *
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