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CEC SAC Meeting Online Agenda

Tuesday September 23rd 2020


  1. CEC Principal / Dean of Academics Welcome
  2. Voting for following positions: Chair, Co-chair, Secretary, Treasurer/Fundraisings manager, Event planner/Volunteer coordinator, Sac parent members, Community member.
  3. Chairs Welcome and summary - request to modify bylaws
  4. Voucher for summer college classes have had several financial discrepancies
  5. Fundraising - Amazon smiles, Kind Soopers, other ideas?
  6. Start monthly "Coffee with the counselors", add talks on depression, suicide prevention/drugs & more
  7. Parents need a clearer procedure on communication - who to contact when they have issues and time frame; perhaps a flow chart with links or having one contact person?
  8. Create parents survey - how we can build a stronger community and partnership between home and school.