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CEC Windsor Middle School Enrollment Is Now Open

  • Enrollment for CEC Windsor (CECW) Middle School is now open and enrollment instructions are posted on both the CECFC Middle School and CECFC High School websites.
  • Families who have submitted a “CECW Middle School Letter of Intent to Enroll” will receive a separate email with a link to enrollment steps.
  • Students currently enrolled in 6th and 7th grades at CECFC Middle School and find that the CECW Middle School is closer to work or home can transfer to the CECW Middle School.
  • Look for the email from the Admissions department, sent on February 8, 2019, giving you the option to switch middle school locations.
  • Please forward this email to families and friends who may be interested in attending CECW Middle School.  If you tell a friend about CECW High School, you may be eligible to receive $100 through Refer-A-Friend.  See here for details.