CECFC Bookstore


Open Monday through Thursday

7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Open Fridays 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Phone: 970-377-0044 Ext:128



Textbook Lending Libraries

The CECFC Bookstore provides textbooks for all ON-CAMPUS college prep (high school) and community college courses at no additional cost to CEC students. The CEC Bookstore also houses a lending library of textbooks for students with OFF-CAMPUS community college courses. To see if the CECFC Bookstore might have a textbook you can borrow for your off-campus community college course, please CLICK HERE to access the lists of textbooks available for lending. This link also provides an on-line form that can be used to reserve a specific textbook for your off-campus class.


Printing Services

The CECFC Bookstore offers all CEC students with printing services enabling students to print homework assignments and other school-related projects at no charge.


Cashiering for School Fees

The CEC Bookstore is the place to pay tuition payments and club fees and to buy event tickets and basic school supplies. We accept cash, checks and credit cards (in person or over the phone).


Spirit Wear Sales

The CEC Bookstore has Spirit Wear for sale! We have high-quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and sweatpants with our WOLF logo available in both youth and adult sizes.


Reimbursements for Off-Campus Textbooks/Access Codes/Lab Manual Rentals and Purchases

If you are a CECFC student taking an off-campus course, your required course materials may not be available in the CEC Bookstore lending library. CEC offers a reimbursement program that pays you back (from your available voucher money) for the cost of required course materials that you need to rent or purchase for off-campus community college courses. The deadline for submitting textbooks/AC/Lab Manual reimbursement requests for the Spring 2020 Semester is April 3, 2020. CLICK HERE for more information and to access the online request form on the CECFC website. (You will need to sign into the online form with your CEC student email.)


One-Time Laptop Reimbursement Benefit

CECFC offers a one-time laptop reimbursement to support student success in college coursework. Full-time students are eligible for 50% up to $250. Part-time students are eligible for 50% up to $125. Items eligible for reimbursement are a laptop or tablet (new or used; PC or Mac) and a case.


For example:

· $200 laptop, including case purchase = $100 reimbursement

· $500 laptop, including case purchase = $250 reimbursement.

· $1,000 laptop, including case purchase = $250 reimbursement


A student is eligible for a laptop reimbursement when they are enrolled in or have passed either ENG121 or MAT121 or above. The student must have funds remaining in his/her voucher in order to be reimbursed. A parent may choose to purchase a laptop early and submit the receipt during the semester the student qualifies. Approved reimbursement funds will first be applied to any outstanding fees on the student's CECFC account. Any remaining balance will be provided in the format requested on the application. The deadline for submitting laptop reimbursement requests for the Spring semester is April 3, 2020.


CLICK HERE to complete the online Laptop Reimbursement Request form. (You will need to sign in with your CEC student email to access the form.)