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FRCC SSN Instructions

Instructions on how to apply at FRCC, if you choose not to disclose your social security number:
  1. Apply using the online application

  2. Answer residency questions accurately and when SSN is required, input all 9’s (999-99-9999). 
  3. Contact FRCC Registrar’s Office at 970-204-8107 after receiving email confirmation that application was accepted.  Student should explain that their application was submitted with all 9’s for SSN because they do not wish to disclose their SSN. Registrar’s Office will remove all 9’s. 
  4. Apply for COF online at
  5. Using the FRCC login you have created, log back in to view your student ID after you have contacted the FRCC registrar's office.
Be sure to save your S#, login username, and password information for future reference.