Homeschool Information

  • Enrichment Programs courses will only receive .125 credit per course/semester, as they are a supplemental program in conjunction with homeschooling.
  • English/Composition credit is given as a whole component. For example; spelling, grammar, writing/reading, would not be awarded as separate credits.
  • Literature credit is given for courses that examines and emphasizes the criteria, relationships, and techniques of oral and written genres. Courses must emphasize active and responsive reading (fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama).
  • Only classes taken in 9th - 12th grade will receive high school credit regardless of the the course content.
  • Courses are only added to the high school transcript if the student is a full time CEC student.
  • Transcripts are considered a complete document. Students/parents/guardians may not request that some previous courses be transferred and others not transferred. However, CEC Registrars may elect to exclude certain courses on a transcript.
  • Credit for course work done prior to the student’s 9th grade year is not reflected on CEC's high school transcript. For example, if Algebra I or Spanish I was taken in 8th grade, a notation is made on CEC's transcript under the Comments section reflecting this.
  • Part-time student transcripts with previous courses from other institutions will not be posted to CEC's transcript.
  • Part-time students approved to go to full-time status will have 30 days from the date of the approval to submit their final transcript.
  • Full-time/Part-time status changes can occur only once during the student's enrollment at CEC.
  • Course credit is granted from the original transcript submitted.
  • Each semester credit (.5) represents at least 60 hours of student work or at least 50% completion of a typical textbook.
  • Each full year credit (1) reflects at least 120 hours of student work or at least 90% completion of a typical textbook.
  • Credit will only be granted from homeschool transcripts that are signed and dated by a parent/guardian.
  • Only courses that were completed through a homeschool curriculum should be included on the CEC Homeschool Transcript. Credit for courses taken through public institutions (i.e. Options, colleges, etc.) will only be granted from official transcripts received directly from them.
  • Students that enter CEC as full-time students are no longer considered homeschooled and must abide by all CEC policies and procedures, including graduation requirements.
  • Students must have full-time status for two consecutive semesters to be eligible for CEC graduation.