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Please note the following:


CEC transcripts are not provided to new students until at least one CEC course is posted to the transcript.  In other words, CEC does not provide transcripts unless they contain CEC grades. If academic records are requested before a student has completed a CEC course, the transcript submitted during the enrollment process can be provided along with a current grades report.


All transcript requests must be made through Parchment, the transcript service CEC partners with, to process and track orders. Walk-in requests will not be accepted. Allow 5-10 business days for processing.

Transcript Requests


An unofficial self-view of your transcript is available to every student, as long as you do not owe a reimbursement for failed concurrent enrollment courses. If Parchment directs you toward the payment page, you can log out, since the self-view request has already been sent to CECFC.


Current Students:

When creating a student Parchment account for transcript requests, go to directly (or click the link below) and create a New Learner Account using the no registration code option. Since it is the student’s transcript, the account should be set up with the student’s email as the primary email, not the parent’s. If a parent has already set up an account using the parent email, we recommend changing the primary email to the student’s email and the parent email as secondary.


If you have any questions, please contact Tami Gustafson at 970.377.0044 ext. 109 or Thank you.

Order Credentials from Parchment
General Transcript Information


Transcripts are considered a complete document. Students/parents/guardians may not request that some courses be transferred and others not transferred. However, CEC Registrars may elect to exclude certain courses on a transcript.  


High school students are not given credit for course work done prior to the student’s 9th grade year.


Schools may require part time students to submit a transcript, but those transcripts are not entered into Infinite Campus, CEC’s student information system. A current, signed and dated, official transcript must be provided by the student if the student wants to become a full time student. This will be the only opportunity to submit a final transcript. Additional transcripts will not be accepted after this time.


College grade removals or changes must be accompanied with an official college transcript reflecting the change.


CLEP credits are added to the CEC transcript only if it is on a college transcript.


College credit for AP courses are given only if it is on a college transcript.


Courses are given weighted GPA points only if the issuing school designates on the transcript that the GPA was weighted. Homeschoolers may be required to submit additional documentation.


As a general rule most transferred courses are awarded .5 credit per semester. On average, students will be granted 5-7 credits per year.

ACT & SAT Scores are not included on your CECFC transcript - Use the following links on how to send them to colleges.
ACT - How to Send your Scores
SAT - How to Send your Scores