Transcript Requests



  • All requests for a CEC transcript must be made through Parchment, the service we partner with to process and track transcript orders. Allow 5-10 business days for processing.
  • Walk-in requests will not be accepted.
  • A free unofficial self-view of your transcript is available to every student. If Parchment directs you toward the payment page, you can log out, since the self-view request has already been sent to CECFC.
  • The current fee for an official transcript request is $3.95. Students on the free or reduced lunch program are eligible for up to 4 fee waivers.
  • Transcripts are only released if you do not owe a reimbursement for failed or withdrawn concurrent enrollment courses.
  • Create a student Parchment account for a CEC transcript request (official or unofficial), click the link below and create using the New Learner Account and "I do not have a registration code (provided by my school)" option.

  • The account should be set up using the student’s personal email as the primary email, not the parent’s or their CEC email. If the account was set up with something other than the student's personal email, it will need to be changed.

  • If you already have a CEC Parchment account, click the link below, log in, go the Dashboard, and then click the icon of the transcript. To place an order for your official transcript to be sent, click the SEND button. To view the most up-to-date unofficial copy of your transcript, click the UPDATE button.
  • If you are applying through the Common App, you must request that your transcript destination is THE COMMON APPLICATION and not specific schools.


If you have any questions, please contact Tami Gustafson at 970.377.0044 ext. 109 or Thank you.


Parchment Order Transcript