Remote Learning: What to Know



Remote learning has begun!

Here is what you need to know...


All CEC schools will be closed through the end of the school year.


Starting March 23rd, students will participate in remote learning via Microsoft Teams on smart phones, computers or tablets. Remote learning will operate Monday-Friday 9am-9pm including teacher office hours by chat or video from 1pm-4pm daily.




Attendance expectations are as they have always been. Students are expected to show up to class by logging in to their Microsoft account and participating in their classes. This might mean submitting an assignment, chiming in to a class discussion on Microsoft Teams, or connecting one-on-one with a teacher. At the end of the day, we require at least one form of timestamped engagement visible to each of the student's teachers each day. Students should check with their teachers to determine their individual attendance expectations.
We have decided to extend the “temporary reprieve” of not requiring a Healthcare Provider note in order to receive an “excused” absence, provided that you notify CECFC on the day of the absence (see below) if your student is ill and not able to work on their school assignments while at home:
  1. Middle School Students – contact the Attendance Hotline at 970.682.2007 or email
  2. High School Students – contact the Attendance Hotline at 970.689.3294 or email
Note: This is effective during the entirety of the remote learning process this semester.
Students are not required to attend class at the normally scheduled time. Some instructors are hosting live classes to provide the opportunity to interact in real time if possible, but they will provide an alternative way to access the class for students who cannot make this time. We believe it’s important for our staff and students to interact, so meeting during office hours from 1:00-4:00pm as a video chat is also available and encouraged. As instructors have settled in, these norms will become clearer.
Every class day! Attendance will still be taken every class day in each class. How attendance is taken may vary from class to class, but students are expected to log in to participate in each class every day of the week. For specifics, students should talk to their teachers regarding expectations for each class.
We understand that not all families may have access to the technology their student needs to participate in remote learning, and we are working hard to help each student attain the necessary equipment to continue classes from a remote setting.
CEC has made refurbished laptops available for purchase. Click here to learn more.
CEC is providing IT/Tech support for remote learning via email and phone.
  1. Open a ticket - Email
  2. Phone Support (M-F, 7:30-4:00) – 970-305-4303
Both options can be used for password resets, questions about Microsoft Teams, minor
technical issues, etc.
Students that have scheduled ICAP meetings for the fall 2020 semester, will meet with their adivsor virtually - either through Microsoft Teams or by phone. Advisors are also available by email during this time as well. Please visit CECFC's Virtual Advising Guide or connect with your academic advisor for specific details. 
It means three things in particular.
  1. This is your last opportunity to come to either the middle school or high school to gather any personal belongings that you do not currently have. This includes picking up music stands for students in the music classes.
  2. For the safety and protection of all our staff, please do not come to the middle or high school building unless you are picking up materials and have already arranged this with a staff person or teacher.
  3. After 5:00pm on March 26th through the end of the school year, staff WILL NOT be in either the middle school or high school campuses, except for our Wolf Bistro team, who are considered “essential staff”
No, they will not. Given how things have progressed with COVID-19, CEC has made a network decision to close all campuses through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.
Enrollment for the 2020-21 school year is still in process. Prospective students and families can attend our Informational Meetings through our online Infocast. Our next online Infocast Information Meeting is this Saturday, March 28th @ 10:00am. Click HERE to access the RSVP link as well as view future Informational Meetings. c. Families who are ready to start the enrollment process can click HERE
YES! The Wolf Bistro is STILL serving up fresh, scratch meals for Larimer County. They are classified as an essential, emergency food service, and they will continue to serve meals between 11am-1pm. Learn more HERE!
Parents can log onto Infinite Campus to check the progress of assignments and homework each day for each subject. Teachers will put grades in for attendance and grades in for assignments. As of now we are not planning on notifying parents with missed work because students are supposed to check their grades daily in IC for their elevate class, and parents can access IC at any time. We will call home if we see a student has not logged on and is counted as absent. If there is a technology glitch the student can re-submit at assignment.
Many teachers have started setting up class meetings. Our platform is called Teams and it allows for video meeting and chats. As the staff becomes more familiar with all the features we will be exploring more. All teachers are available between 1pm-4pm Monday –Friday for one on one chats, videos or class time chats and videos. Many of them have started setting up class calls to check in! It is fun to let everyone connect. We are also trying to get lunch set up through our counselor so everyone can see each other at lunch.
Our goal is for students to spend 30 mins per day per class so about a half days' worth of work. We suggest students go through their day online in order that they do it in the building. We have talked a lot of about digital citizenship and will continue to do so. We cannot control their actions on Teams so we need to partner with parents to help regulate that time on Teams is focused on schoolwork. Our counselor has posted a lot of resources on her web page.
Unfortunately, parents DO NOT have a Teams account, but they can keep up with student coursework by using Infinite Campus, visiting teacher websites, or emailing teachers directly. Our website is updated regularly with the most up-to-date information, and teacher websites have information on upcoming project due dates, tests & quizzes.