About Ms. Campbell

Hello and thank you for visiting this page! My name is Cassidy Campbell (Ms. Campbell) and I'm so incredibly excited to be teaching your students about multimedia design. When I started college, I would have considered myself technologically illiterate as the only thing I really understood about technology was how to use Google and save word documents on my computer. However, someone decided I was worth the chance and the training to work as a student in the university's media studio. After bouncing around to about five different majors, I finally settled on a degree in Studio Arts with a minor in Interior Architecture from the University of Tennesse at Chattanooga. 


Because somebody decided to give me a chance, I've since been able to pursue career opportunities with freelancing, the City of Chattanooga RPA - Community Design Studio, Southtree / Legacybox, and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Library Media Studio. Now, I've received the opportunity to work with the students at Colorado Early Colleges and develop our Multimedia Design program within the Innovation Department. 


My hope is to instill the same knowledge that once seemed so distant for myself within students and others. Technology, design, and education can change lives and the opportunities life gives us, and I hope to help open more opportunities for the students at CEC. 

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