Benefits of the CECFC College Direct Option

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What can CECFC Westminster  

College Direct do for me?

At Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins High School (CECFC), all students have the opportunity to graduate from high school with an Associate's Degree, 60 college credits, and/or a certificate from one of our local community college partners.


The CECFC College Direct Option through our Westminster Satellite Office offers the same CECFC benefits to Northwest Denver Metro families, without having to go to Fort Collins!


Our College Direct students attend all classes directly on the campus of one of our local community college partners.

Every 9th -12th grade College Direct student will receive individualized academic and career advising every semester they attend CECFC through our satellite office in Westminster.

How is College Direct different from

attending the CECFC High School?

How does the CECFC High School

support our College Direct Students?

  •      Students take all classes at one of our partner community colleges
  •      Students receive advising and testing services at our Westminster Satellite Office
  •      Students register for approved classes through the college’s student portal
  •      Attendance and grades are accessed through the college student portal
  •      Parents must sign a FERPA form to access their student’s portal, records, or to speak with instructors
  •      Students access support and tutoring services through the college
  •      Students may be part-time
  •      Students will be taking regular community college courses with a diverse student population, including college age students and adult students
  •      College coursework may be more rigorous than High School level coursework
  •     Students receive the same level of individualized academic and career advising as our CECFC on-campus High School students
  •      Students may still participate in CECFC High School activities, such as Talent Shows, Homecoming, and Prom
  •      Students may access support through the CECFC HS campus in Fort Collins
  •      Students may still play CHSAA sports through a high school of their choice
  •      Students are required to take all state standardized testing including PSAT, SAT, and CMAS
  •      Full-time students are required to meet state mandates for high school courses
  •      Students may attend part-time **

** Part-time students are those taking 3-6 credits per semester.  Your part-time status is established for the entire school year, and CECFC does not issue your high school diploma.  Students may only change status from part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time once, while attending CECFC.