Is CECFC College Direct Right for You?


We want your child to be successful and happy if they become a CECFC College Direct student. Being a CECFC College Direct student has its challenges and rewards. Your student will be taking all of their courses at one of our partner community colleges (FRCC, Red Rocks, etc.) This means they will be treated as college students.


Below is a list of things to consider before making this important decision:


All assignments, grades, and attendance records will be accessed through the student portal of the community college. You will not have access to your student’s information without a signed Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) release form. This form must be initiated by the student and filed at the college.

If your student does not test “college ready,” they will take remedial Math and English classes at the community college. These will not count toward their college pathway, but they will fulfill the high school requirements. If they are unable to pass, they will need to repeat the courses.

Students will not necessarily be in school all day like in a traditional high school. For example, they may have only one class on Mondays and Wednesdays and two on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This may be a great benefit to students who need a more flexible schedule like elite athletes or performing artists. Some students are even running their own business because of the flexibility! Class schedules are determined by the community college. CECFC College Direct does not control the dates and times of classes.

Most college classes have larger assignments that are due further apart. This will require exceptional discipline and time management skills from the student. A typical three credit class will require 6-9 hours of study time outside of class.

While we include the College Direct students in all of the CEC Fort Collins on-campus events, clubs, and activities, and we plan special events just for our College Direct students, there is not the traditional high school social life common lunch hour or shared class schedules. Your student will need to be pro-active in getting involved. There are many opportunities through CEC Fort Collins or through the community college campus. Most of the campuses offer a concurrent enrollment club.

While there is a large high-school aged concurrent enrollment population at most community colleges, your student will also be in classes with traditional (freshman) and non-traditional (older adult) students.

The curriculum taught on the college campuses is controlled by the college and will reflect college level work. Readings and discussions can, at times, be more adult in nature.

Students tell us that what they like most about the program:

• The flexibility

• The variety of classes

• The passion of the instructors

• The lack of busy-work

• The academic rigor