CECFC College Direct FAQ's

Is CECFC a College or a High School?

CECFC is a tuition free, open enrollment public charter high school that provides students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to begin working on college-level courses as soon as they are college ready.  Students can earn a combination of high school and college credits as they pursue a high school diploma and an Associate degree or certificate.


Do you hold classes at your Westminster Satellite Office location?

No.  The Westminster Satellite Office is not a high school campus, but rather an advising and testing center. Students will participate in full advising appointments and take the Accuplacer and other state tests, as applicable, at the Westminster Satellite Office. All classes will be taken at the community college campus of your choice.


Where will my student take classes?

All College Direct students will take all classes at local community college campuses, including developmental courses. (Developmental courses on the college campus are the equivalent of our high school/college prep classes.) Students will still fulfill all high school requirements off campus while simultaneously pursuing their 60 college credits. Our college partners are: Red Rocks Community College, Front Range Community College, Community College of Denver, Colorado Mountain College, and Aims Community College.


Are the classes for CECFC College Direct students separate from the general college population?

No. Your student will take the same classes offered to all community college students. CECFC does not control the class schedule, location, or content. While there are a large number of high school students taking concurrent enrollment classes at the community colleges, your student will still be in classes with older students and the content of the class will be college-level.


Where will my student graduate?

All full-time graduates will attend, and take part in, the Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins High School graduation. Their high school diploma will state Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins.


Can CECFC College Direct students participate in on-campus activities and clubs?

All CECFC and CECFC College Direct students may partake in all CECFC High School campus activities (i.e. Homecoming, Prom, NHS, student council, etc.). They may also get involved in any clubs and activities offered at the community college they attend.


Will my student have a CECFC Advisor?

Yes, we have full-time advisors on staff for our College Direct students at our Westminster Satellite Office location. They will work one-on-one with your student to ensure they are on track for high school graduation and an associate degree.


Is transportation available?

No, we do not offer transportation to the various community college campuses.


How much does each class cost?

At our partner community colleges, class costs typically range from $175 to $250 per credit hour.  CECFC College Direct full-time students have a $2100 tuition allocation per semester that is used toward tuition and books. Part-time students have a $1050 tuition allocation per semester. See our Full-time/Part-time Fact Sheet for more information.


What happens if my student drops a college class?

If your student drops a college class within the add/drop deadline, he/she will not face any financial consequences, but he/she may have to add another course to remain full time.


What happens if my student fails or withdraws from a college class?

Unlike dropping a class, failing or withdrawing from a class after the drop date does carry financial consequences. Any college class failed or withdrawn from will require the student and/or parent to pay for the class out of pocket.


What is the benefit of an associate degree? Isn’t it better to point toward a bachelor’s degree?

The benefit of an associate degree varies. Within the state of Colorado, it means you already have two years of college done and a degree in hand. Outside of Colorado or at private institutions, it shows that you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, which could give you a leg up on other students apply into the same institution.


Does an associate degree help students get admitted to a four-year college?

College Admissions committees look favorably upon students who prove they are academically committed enough to complete an associate degree. These students are seen as low-risk options since they have proven they can be successful in college-level courses while in high school, prior to attending a four-year university.


Can a student earn a bachelor’s degree at CECFC?

Although it is possible for a student to take classes at a four-year partner institution, it is unlikely that students currently enrolled at CECFC will earn their bachelor’s degree prior to their high school diploma.


Is it better for students to pursue a general associate degree or a more specialized associate degree?

For students who do not know what specific major they would like to pursue at a four-year institution, a general associate degree (AA or AS) is the best choice. If students are aware of their future field, transfer degrees, which tend to have a narrow focus, could be recommended.


Does CECFC confer the associate degree?

No. Associate degrees are conferred by the institution through which the student has taken his/her community college courses.


Will students apply to four-year colleges as transfer students?

No. Even though students have taken college courses and/or earned an associate degree, they will still apply as first-year freshmen because they have not yet earned a high school diploma. However, if a student decides to take even one credit hour of college class after graduating from CECFC, he/she will be considered a transfer student.


How do we get textbooks for classes?

We require you to first try to rent the required textbooks. If you cannot rent the book, you will need to buy it. Both the rental and the purchase will be reimbursed from you by CECFC at the end of the semester, provided funds are left in the tuition allocation. Please refer to our Textbook Reimbursement Policy for complete information.


Can my student still play sports if attending CECFC College Direct?

Yes! Students can play sports at another high school, but they need to be sure they are meeting the CHSAA requirements to play sports (GPA, number of classes, etc.). Many students enjoy the flexibility of their class schedule with CECFC College Direct so that they can more easily participate in sports.


Why doesn’t CECFC offer more extracurricular activities or sports?

At CECFC, free college for our families is our priority. Instead of spending money on athletic fields or programs, we direct our money toward funding college classes for our students. There are many clubs and associations available on our Fort Collins campus and on the community college campuses. Students may also participate in sports at their neighborhood schools.


My student has an issue with his/her community college account. What can we do about that?

Because we are not employees of the community colleges, we do not have access to students’ accounts, beyond what they are able to show us.

Any questions regarding issues/concerns with the community college will need to be directed to the community college’s staff.


Can my student stay with CECFC College Direct for a fifth year?

To stay a fifth year at CECFC, students must be a) under 21 and b) have less than 60 college credits going into their fifth year.


Will the GT (guaranteed transfer) courses be accepted by schools outside of Colorado?

GT courses are only guaranteed in Colorado. For questions about how your courses will transfer out of state, it is best to contact an advisor at your school of choice.


What if my student doesn’t plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree, but wants to go directly into a technical/trade career?

The advisors at CECFC College Direct will work with your student to develop the appropriate Career and Technical Education Pathway. Many of the community colleges offer such degrees and certificates.




For more information, please contact our Westminster Satellite Office at (720) 328-2929.