Earn $100 for each student you refer to CECFC

If you recommend CECFC to a friend and that student enrolls and attends through October 31, CECFC will give you a $100!  You MUST fill out the Refer-a-Friend form to apply for this reward. CECFC will give you a voucher for a $100 gift card to Amazon or Walmart.


The $100 voucher can also be donated to any CECFC student’s scholarship account or to CECFC’s activity fund.


Rewards will be given ONLY to those who completely fill out the Refer-a Friend Form and submit it by October 1 of the current school year. Only one reward will be given for each new student. If two forms are received, the first one submitted will be honored. Rewards cannot be split. CECFC cannot give referral rewards for students living in the same household as the referring person. Rewards will be issued in late November of the referred student’s first year at CECFC and must be claimed before the deadline specified. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Refer-a-Friend Form 2020-21