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Endorsed Diploma Program

The Endorsed Diploma        
Colorado Early Colleges is offering the Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Endorsed Diploma (or the PWR Endorsed Diploma). This is the first Diploma offered by the State of Colorado identifying students who have gone beyond the basic high school graduation requirements. Students are required to complete a career plan, demonstrate 21st century skills through internships, community service or work experience and show additional college level course work in 3 separate areas. In return, students with endorsed diplomas will graduate with an “honor” and can use the endorsement to help gain priority admittance into colleges. Students will receive a, “Letter of Distinction” which serves as an explanation of the Endorsed Diploma and as a resume reflecting what the student has done, above and beyond the standard high school diploma. CECFC is proud to be one of the first high school campuses that offer a PWR Endorsed Diploma, as we maintain a constant effort to stay ahead of today’s ever changing educational landscape.
What is the Endorsed Diploma?

The Endorsed Diploma Program offers students the ability to obtain an advanced high school diploma which meets the 2020 Colorado state graduation guidelines and requirements of Senate Bill-212.  Currently, CECFC is among 28 states that offer advanced diplomas for students who show dedication to their academics and civic responsibility. There are four main areas students need to satisfy in order to obtain this endorsement.
1.    Students must achieve college readiness in math and English.
2.    Students must work with their advisor and complete and individual career and academic plan (ICAP).
3.    Students must complete a combination of 30 hours volunteering, employment and/or an internship. Students must complete a 3-5 page reflection paper demonstrating excellence and leadership in the three mentioned areas.
4.    Students must demonstrate academic excellence in three college content areas other than math and English (B or higher).

How do I get an Endorsed Diploma?
Students who wish to earn an Endorsed Diploma must enroll during fall semester. There are no age or grade requirement for students who wish to earn their Endorsed Diploma. Enrollment will take approximately 30 minutes. During the enrollment meeting we will discuss graduation timelines, internships, employment and/or volunteer hours which students need to earn for their endorsement. Once students are enrolled, they may begin earning their Endorsed Diploma!

Fall Semester Enrollment
Dates and times will be announced soon via email.

Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning experiences and document their hours properly. Preauthorization of all activities is important as it guides the learning process and appropriateness of all activities. Students are encouraged to go beyond the minimum requirements as it further demonstrates postsecondary and workforce readiness.

What will an Endorsed Diploma do for me?
As an honorary diploma, the Endorsed Diploma distinguishes a student as being a motivated learner and a productive citizen. Post-secondary institutions are showing increasing interest in students’ ability to succeed academically as well as civically. Having an Endorsed Diploma allows students to show college readiness and 21st century skills which selective colleges, specialized training programs and places of employment are targeting among lists of applicants. Students will receive a, “Letter of Distinction” from Colorado Early Colleges which describes SB-212’s advanced graduation requirements, details the individual achievements and experiences the student earned. In addition an honorary seal will appear on their high school diploma. Graduates who are considered for Summa Cum Laude, Magna cum Laude and Cum Laude must complete Endorsed Diploma requirements.