GRIT & Inspiration

Culture of Responsibility and Workforce Readiness
Student Responsibilities:
  • Students are expected to pass all of their academic classes each semester.
  • Students are responsible for submitting assignments on the due dates assigned.
  • Students are expected to behave in a manner that is not disruptive to the educational environment.
  • Students are expected to seek out tutoring and support when needed.
  • Students are expected to use their time wisely when on campus.
  • Students are expected to arrive to classes on time and stay for the duration of class.
  • Students are expected to clean up after themselves, including removing any and all personal items from the coat racks and bookshelves after school Friday, or the last day of a school week.  
    **All items left at school on Friday will be donated to charity by Wednesday of the following week.
  • Students are expected to be respectful to CECFC staff, students, and parent volunteers at all times.
  • Students are expected to follow the school rules at all times.
Parent Responsibilities:
  • Parents are expected to support and encourage academic success for their student(s).
  • Parents are expected to ensure daily student attendance and will support school policies throughout the semester.
  • Parents are expected to hold student(s) accountable to homework and study time at home.
  • Parents are expected to communicate all absences to the attendance office on a daily basis.
  • Parents are expected to communicate with teachers regarding questions, comments or concerns.
  • Parents are expected to logon to Infinite Campus once a week to check student(s) grades.  
  • Parents are expected to ensure students have reliable transportation to and from school.
Teacher Responsibilities:
  • Teachers are expected to instruct and engage students at appropriate learning levels.
  • Teachers are expected to provide adequate time and assistance with assignments.
  • Teachers are expected to follow guidelines and modifications indicated in a student’s I.E.P. or 504.
  • Teachers are expected to monitor mastery of identified curriculum goals and objectives.
  • Teachers are expected to stay current on student attendance, grades and assignments in Infinite Campus.
  • Teachers are expected to contact both students and parents if academic deficiencies appear.
  • Teachers are expected to communicate progress and remediation status to parents and students.

School Responsibilities:
  • CECFC is expected to graduate all students Postsecondary and Workforce Ready.
  • CECFC is expected to keep all students safe through school policies, procedures and guidelines.