Conduct and Discipline Code

Conduct and Discipline Code:

It is the policy of CEC to maintain classrooms in which student behavior does not interfere with the ability of the instructor to teach effectively or the ability of other students to participate in classroom learning activities.

Students shall be expected to abide by the code of conduct adopted by CEC and any other appropriate classroom rules of behavior established by the Head of School and/or classroom instructor for the purpose of maintaining order and a favorable academic atmosphere. Any student who violates the code of conduct or other classroom rules may be subject to removal from class and/or disciplinary action. An instructor may remove the student from the instructor’s class in accordance with CEC Policies and applicable law.
An instructor is authorized to exercise discretion when removing a student from the instructor's classroom if the student's behavior:
1) Violates CEC Policies
2) Is dangerous, unruly, or disruptive;
3) Seriously interferes with the ability of the instructor to teach the class or other students to learn.
Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.