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Campus Culture » Conduct and Discipline Code

Conduct and Discipline Code

Conduct and Discipline Code:
Part of Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins methodology involves structure and clear expectations in the classroom. Students who repeatedly misbehave will be subject to disciplinary action and possible expulsion, based upon a predictable policy of actions and consequences.
Proper behavior of students occurs as a result of a mutual cooperation between home and school. Students, parents, teachers and the CECFC Leadership Team all play a vital role in assuring that CECFC fosters a sound educational environment that encourages productive learning. This environment must be safe and free from unnecessary disruption. All employees will share responsibility for supervising and correcting the behavior of students according to the established rules of conduct.
The Conduct and Discipline Code lists Rules and Conduct, it also outlines the Discipline Process and Structured Consequences. See all CECFC policies online at

Circumstances warranting immediate voluntary withdrawal from CECFC (or an expulsion hearing):
**All situations and circumstances are subject to review by the CECFC Leadership Team prior to a student being asked to withdrawal or face an expulsion hearing.
  • If a student is involved in bullying, harassing, or threatening another student(s) or staff member(s), in any format (verbal, physical, cyber, electronic, etc.).
  • If a student is involved with drugs or alcohol, (including paraphernalia associated with drugs, possession, usage or distribution) in any way on campus or during a school sponsored activity. No exceptions and no excuses.
  • Students who are 18 or older are legally permitted to possess tobacco but must keep it locked in a vehicle. Tobacco is not to be used on campus or brought into the school or a school sponsored activity.
  • If a student is caught stealing or intentionally damaging property belonging to another student, staff member, or CECFC, the student will also pay for the damaged or stolen item(s).
  • If a student is involved in a physical altercation (fighting) on campus, or if they promote or participate in the situation in any way, including recording and/or posting an incident on social media.
  • Students in possession of a weapon that could inflict injury or harm, on campus or at a school sponsored event. No exceptions and no excuses.

Write Ups:
All policies and procedures that are not subject to immediate voluntarily withdrawal or pending an expulsion hearing are still in place and will continue to be documented consistently in the format of “Write Ups.” A Write Up is documented into Infinite Campus and parents are notified via e-mail. If a student receives more than 2 write ups during the course of an entire school year, the CECFC Leadership Team reserves the right to review the student’s record of behavior and the student will potentially be asked to voluntarily withdrawal from CECFC or face an expulsion hearing. After a student receives a Write Up, they will be assigned detention for each Write Up, no exceptions will be made. Teachers and CECFC staff may also assign detention at their discretion without having a formal Write Up conducted. If a student skips, or is 1 minute late to an assigned detention, they will serve the initially assigned detention in addition to a second detention. Individual Write Ups are subject to additional disciplinary action depending on the rule violation and/or the severity of the infraction. Parents will be notified of a Write Up and/or a student being assigned detention via the e-mail address(es) they have provided CECFC.

Violating the following list of rules and circumstances are considered Write Up infractions:
  • Students with Gold ID’s must remain on campus from their first through their last scheduled course. Students that arrive at school prior to the start of their scheduled courses may leave campus without possessing a Blue ID and return, but are subject to Write Ups whenever on campus. Students who finish all of their courses early in the day may leave campus and return, but are subject to Write Ups whenever on campus.
  • Students with a Blue ID may not drive students with Gold ID’s off campus unless the student(s) have not started their scheduled courses or are done with their courses for the day.
  • Using inappropriate language or content / promoting personal drug or alcohol usage.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Lunch trays, drinking cups, cans, bottles, and any unnecessary or intentional mess of any kind, inside or outside is to be cleaned up.
  • Skipping a scheduled course.
  • Only CECFC sweatpants are allowed to be worn on Fridays.
  • Students may park their vehicles in the specifically designated CEC student parking places in the school parking lot. Students are never allowed to park in the business parking lots surrounding the school, in the surrounding neighborhood areas, or in any part of the school parking lot that is not specifically designated for CEC student parking. All student vehicles are subject to being towed at their expense if they park in any part of the parking lot not clearly marked as CEC parking.
  • Games, personal e-mail, or social media are not permitted to be accessed on school computers unless given specific permission by an instructor for educational purposes.
  • Students may not relocate furniture that is obviously intended for a specific purpose or has a specific location.
  • Students are permitted to use their electronic devices (phone, computer, iPods) during passing periods, lunch, and during off periods. Music or video game audio may not be “broadcast” in any manner and must be listened to via ear buds or headphones. No cell phones or i-Pods may be used during classes unless it is a specific activity being done during that class period or with instructor approval. Inappropriate electronic device usage will result in the device being confiscated. The first time a device is confiscated, it will be held for 24 hours then returned to the student. The second time a device is confiscated, it will be held for 48 hours prior to it being returned to a parent.
  • Students may not engage in “Public Displays of Affection” (P.D.A.) on or nearby CECFC campus or at any school sponsored activities. A brief hug and holding hands is permitted.
  • Students must cover any visible tattoos and may only have piercings in their ears or a small stud in the side of their nose. “Gauges” in earlobes must be discretely covered. No nose rings.
  • Students may not lie down on the floor, tables, or chairs at any time inside the school. No sitting on the floor at any time.
  • Students are not to hang out in a parked vehicle at any time on or near campus or during a school sponsored activity.
  • Students are not to disrupt the educational process in any way while in class or during an off period.
  • Students are to be seated whenever in the auditorium. All trash, personal belongings and messes must be removed from the auditorium, cafeteria and common areas.
  • No touching any of the music equipment that is on the stage or in the sound booth in the auditorium without specific permission from a CECFC Leadership Team member.
  • No personal belongings may be left in the auditorium or in the common areas while students are in class.