Textbook Rental/Purchase, Access Code, and Laptop Reimbursement Instructions

How Do I Request a Laptop Reimbursement?

CECFC offers a one-time laptop reimbursement to support student success in college coursework. Full-time students are eligible for 50% up to $250. Part-time students are eligible for 50% up to $125. Items eligible for reimbursement are a laptop or tablet (new or used; PC or Mac) and a case. 

For example:

  •    $200 laptop, including case purchase = $100 reimbursement
  •    $500 laptop, including case purchase = $250 reimbursement.
  • $1,000 laptop, including case purchase = $250 reimbursement

A student is eligible for a laptop reimbursement when they are enrolled in or have passed either ENG121 or MAT121 or above. The student must have funds remaining in his/her voucher in order to be reimbursed.  A parent may choose to purchase a laptop early and submit the receipt during the semester the student qualifies. Approved reimbursement funds will first be applied to any outstanding fees on the student's CECFC account. Any remaining balance will be provided in the format requested on the application. 

The deadline for submitting laptop reimbursement requests for the Spring semester is April 3, 2020.

Click here to complete the online Laptop Reimbursement Request form. (You will need to sign in with your CEC student email to access the form)

How Do I Request a Textbook or Access Code Reimbursement?

The CECFC bookstore provides students with textbooks for high school and college classes. If you are a CECFC student taking an off-campus course and the required textbook is not in our bookstore, we offer a reimbursement program on specific dates at the end of each semester. This offer also applied to required online access code fees. Borrowing or renting your textbooks is preferred. Please take care of the books you are provided.  
Required + Borrow from CECFC = FREE
Required + Rented (or online access code) = Deadline to submit required documents (see below) is April 3, 2020
Required + Purchased = Deadline to submit receipts for early check pickup is April 3, 2020
Deadline to return books is May 13, 2020
  1. WHAT BOOKS/MATERIALS ARE REQUIRED? To determine the books required for your courses, navigate to the bookstore website of the college you are taking classes from.  Enter the term, the course prefix, and the course number/section of the courses you are taking (e.g. Fall 2018 ENG 121-602).  You can enter multiple courses.  You can then PRINT your list of course materials.  Save this list and your receipt to submit later for reimbursement.
      1. Note:  Both required AND optional books and access codes will be listed.  CEC will ONLY reimburse for REQUIRED materials.

      1. BEST option:  With your ISBN number(s), submit a CECFC Bookstore Request to see if you can borrow your book for FREE from CEC.
      2. OTHER options:  With your ISBN number(s), search other book rental sites (www.campusbooks.com compares multiple sites) for the cheapest rental prices. Follow the rental checklist below.
      3. If a book or access code cannot be rented:  When you absolutely cannot find a book available for rent, you may purchase it, knowing it will cost you more dollars from your voucher.  Access codes may always be purchased and reimbursed through the rental process.
      1. Click here to submit request for reimbursement.
        ****You will need to sign in using your CEC student email to access the form****
      2. Required documentation for upload into request form:
        1. Photo/copy of original receipt - must show rental status and due date if rented
        2. Proof of required materials (syllabus or Community College printout)
        (Please note the deadline for rental reimbursements at the top and bottom of this page.)
      3. Purchased books: Upload receipts and documentation as with rented books. Bring your book back on May 13th to pick up your check.
  4. Textbook reimbursement will first be applied to any outstanding fees.
    Textbook reimbursement is only available to students with remaining voucher dollars

    Textbook Checklist:

  • Search for required course materials – see Step 1 above.
  • Print the materials list from the college bookstore website.  You will need the 13-digit ISBN number for all textbooks.
  • Borrow for FREE from CEC if possible – see Step 2 above.
  • Search book rental websites for the cheapest rental prices.
  • Select the 125-day rental term.
  • Choose free or standard shipping.
  • Save the delivery packages for your return!
  • Print and save your receipts, whether your rent or buy. Be sure that the rental status and return date is clearly visible on the receipt.
  • Don’t highlight or write in the rented books.
  • Return the books at the end of the semester.
  • Follow the terms and conditions of the rental websites.
Ready to be reimbursed?
Deadline to submit documents: April 3, 2020
****You will need to sign in using your CEC student email to access the form****
(Use this link for laptops, rentals, access codes, consumables, and purchased books)
You will be notified via the email used to submit the form when your check is ready to be mailed or picked up
For purchased books, return books on date below to receive check
May 13, 2020 -- 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
If you miss the deadline for PURCHASED books, you may still return your book, but your check will be mailed to you within 4 - 6 weeks following book return.