Campus Culture


We are an Early College that has very high expectations of academic achievement, character, kindness, respect, service, leadership and overall ethical conduct, to which all students and staff are held accountable. We structure our discipline policies, procedures and consequences to promote an educational environment to foster the highest degree of success for our students that reflects what life is like in the workplace, on a college campus, and promotes Post-secondary and Workforce Readiness.


We have a closed campus to ensure student safety and to promote academic success for all students. For a student to earn off campus privileges they must be “college ready” in both English and Math (meaning that they must have already taken and passed those courses or they are currently enrolled in those courses and are passing), they must not have any F’s in any other courses, and they must not have any unexcused tardies in any courses at the time of receiving the Blue ID badge. The Director of Campus Culture will consistently monitor attendance and grades of the students who possess an off campus Blue ID to ensure no student violates the conditions of their off campus privilege.


Students who are found to participate in Academic Dishonesty, (i.e. cheating, lying, plagiarism, copying, etc.), as deemed by their instructor, will have the circumstances thoroughly reviewed by CECFC Leadership Team members to determine if the conduct warrants the students removal from the course and receiving a failing grade. If a student is removed from, or fails a college course due to Academic Dishonesty, the student will be responsible for paying the tuition for that course.


Excused absences include: a note from a doctor/dentist visit specifically related to why a student was absent, court appearances/records, family member bereavement with documentation, or a C.H.S.A.A. sanctioned sporting event or a middle school sanctioned sport.


Individual college instructor’s tardy and absence policies as they appear in the course syllabi will be honored. If a grade reduction results in the student not passing a college course the student will be responsible for paying the tuition for that failed course.


Students who earn less than a 70% final grade in a college course must reimburse CECFC the full amount of tuition for that course(s) prior to any advising being done to make a schedule for the following semester or prior to the release of their school records and transcript. Students enrolled in college courses will be accountable to pay for the college course(s) that they are dropped from upon withdrawal or expulsion.