Although she often doesn’t like to admit it, Lacey Scadden was born in Boulder Colorado. She grew up in the south suburbs of Denver and graduated from Bear Creek High school where she was active in theater, honor society, and volunteering.  Her dream was to go to a university by the beach.  With the help of an outstanding essay, “the show must go on, despite being thrown up on during the show by an audience member” Lacey attended the University of California Santa Cruz, home of the banana slugs. Her parents wouldn’t pay for a theater degree, so naturally Molecular Cellular, Developmental Biology would be her second choice.  She fell in love with racing bicycles on the collegiate team, Go Slugs! After college she worked in the bicycle industry, followed by a short career in biotechnology purifying monoclonal antibodies.  She returned to Colorado in to pursue a masters in education, found her husband at Vineyard Church of the Rockies, started at CEC, and had identical twin daughters all in the same year. Lacey taught in the science department for 5 years, and is the Curriculum and Instructional Specialist.