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2018-19 Accepted Student Enrollment Process

Congratulations! Step One of CEC's Enrollment Process has been completed and your student has now been accepted.



Space in each class is reserved in the order that accepted students complete ALL applicable steps in the enrollment process and submit ALL necessary documents.   As certain grade levels will fill early, we recommend that you finish all steps in a timely manner.   

Currently 6th and 8th grade are approaching a wait list, and 7th grade is on a short wait list.  To be placed on the wait list you MUST complete ALL applicable enrollment steps and submit ALL necessary documents.  

 The Enrollment Process includes the following steps: 


Step 2 – ALL incoming 6th-12th Grade Students must complete the Online Registration (OLR) and provide the following documents:

  • Immunization Records or Immunization Exemption Forms (CLICK HERE)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Transcript required for incoming 7th-12th graders (MUST include Fall 2017 grades) 
    • Homeschool Transcript (Must use CEC Form) – CLICK HERE
  • Report Card required for incoming 6thgraders ONLY (MUST include Fall 2017 grades)
    • Homeschool Transcript (Must use CEC Form) – CLICK HERE
  • If applicable: 504/IEP/GT/ALP/ELL Access 2.0 test scores/Read Plan
    • Upon submission of your student's online enrollment, CECFC will request 504, IEP, READ Plans, ALP, and ELL Access documents from your student's previous school.
    • If you have these documents available, we encourage you to email them to: Or, you can submit them in person to either the middle school or the high school.  
    • In order for services to be provided by the first day of school (August 9th)  documents must be received no later than July 12, 2018.
  • Attendance and Discipline Records


You will have the opportunity to upload these documents during the OLR process. Photographed documents will not be accepted. Alternately, you may email them to or bring them in person to the Admissions office at 4424 Innovation Drive (high school) or 4512 McMurry Ave (middle school) in Fort Collins. 

Click HERE to begin the Online Registration (OLR). This link is intended for only those students who have been accepted.


USING A COMPUTER (not a mobile device) BEGIN WITH EITHER THE CHROME OR FIREFOX BROWSER AND ENABLE POP-UPS FOR THIS WEBSITE. Click HERE for instructions on how to enable pop-ups.


Each required document (e.g., birth certificate, immunization records, transcript and/or grade report) needs to be uploaded to the appropriate category. To upload multiple pages in a category, please save and upload each type as a single document. You will receive an “Application Number” – write this number down for future use.


It is highly recommended that a parent/guardian and the student attend an Informational Meeting.


For enrollment assistance contact or CLICK HERE to sign up for on-site enrollment assistance.


Middle School Enrollment Ends After Step 2



Step 3 –  All incoming 9th-12th Grade Students* must complete the FREE Aims (AMCC) and Front Range (FRCC) Community Colleges Online Applications.  


 *Note: Westminster students only need to complete the FRCC application. 


Aims Community College - If you choose NOT to use your Social Security Number you may enter nine 9's (999-99-9999). 


Click here to go to the Aims website:

  • Click “Apply Now” 
  • Click “Create an Admission Account & Apply online” 
  • Follow the prompts to complete the application 
  • You should receive an email with instructions to access your account/student number 
  • Be sure to save your A#, username, and password information for future reference 


Front Range Community College - If you choose NOT to use your Social Security Number see instructions below.

Click here to go to the Front Range Community College website

  • Click the red “Apply Now”
  • Click the green “Apply Now”
  • At the bottom of the Log In page, click “Create an account”
  • Follow the prompts to complete the application
  • Answer "YES" to the COF (College Opportunity Fund) 
  • Log out of the FRCC website.   
  • Using the login you have created, log back in to view your student ID. It may take a few days before a student ID is issued. 
  • Be sure to save your S#, login username, and password information for future reference.

If you choose NOT to use your Social Security Number on the Front Range application, please complete this FRCC PAPER APPLICATION to be sent directly to Front Range to process manually. You will also need to apply to the College Opportunity Fund (COF) manually at the COF website.  If you do not wish to provide your SS # to COF, then you will be awarded what is called a “C” number which you must provide to FRCC so they can link your FRCC account to COF. The same applies to non-citizens who do not have a social security number. 


Step 4 – All incoming 9th-12th Grade Students must submit your FRCC and AMCC student numbers using THIS LINK after you have completed the above steps.



What's Next? 

You will receive a confirmation email once the applicable steps of the Enrollment Process are completed and ALL required documents are submitted. Additionally, in mid-April information on when and how to sign up for ACCUPLACER (placement test) and high school advising or middle school course selections will be provided.




  • USE A COMPUTER (not a mobile device). 
  • If the Captcha image (the security box with a colorful background) is difficult to decipher, click the small blue circle at the lower right side of that field until you get an image that you can read. 
  • When uploading documents, the filename cannot contain a special character (e.g., * # @) or a space preceding or following the file name.  

For enrollment assistance contact the Admissions Office at