Reduce Test Stress

Testing week does not have to be stressful!

College Board has compiled a list of resources, available for parents and students, to help alleviate anxiety, fear, and frustration around testing at ( 

The College Board has also partnered with Khan Academy to provide individualized practice for the SAT suite of assessments based on past scores. Student are also able to take a diagnostic assessment and have an individualized study path created at (

For students interested in becoming familiar with the PSAT 9 or PSAT 10 tests, we have last year’s test booklets available to use as practice and familiarization so there are no surprises. Come by the Assessment Center in Room 409 to pick up your copy!

This year’s testing slogan is “You Against You!” We are challenging each student to set the goal of beating their test score from last year, demonstrating growth they can be proud of and that CEC can celebrate.